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Past, Present, and Future Reads

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post (thanks, high school) but as the Season of Breaks is here, I’m hoping to post more in the last 2 weeks of the year. Junior year has been so hectic–I’ve written close to 60 pages in essays for one class.

Since I’m so behind on reviews, and the year is coming to an end, I thought I’d post some of the books I’ve enjoyed in the recent past, what I’m reading now or just finished reading, and what I’m looking forward to next year!

pastA Tyranny of Petticoats: This book definitely makes the list for my favorite anthologies. It’s a collection of short stories (featuring authors such as Marie Lu, Elizabeth Wein, and Robin Talley) set in America throughout different time periods and states, all featuring badass girls. Best of all, it’s incredibly diverse in race and sexuality.

Seven Deadlies: Seven Deadlies was a birthday gift that I never would’ve picked up on my own, though I’m really glad my friend gave it to me! It tells seven short stories about a girl babysitting for the families of Beverly Hills, all of which correspond to one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Illuminae: Holy moly. Illuminae is everything I wanted it to be and more. It’s the perfect combination of interstellar battles, AIs up to Shenanigans, and pre-zombie apocalypse events. Not to mention the format–it reads like an accident report/case file a year after a HUGE THING. (If you can’t tell, I love this book. So much.)


Not Your Sidekick: Oh goodness. This book owns my heart for the rest of time. There’s so much representation. Biracial bisexual MC? Yes. Trans best friend? Yes. Adorable romance? Yes. Superheroes and supervillains? Yes. It’s everything I could’ve asked for. (And it’s orange, my favorite color.)

The Thousandth Floor: I was not a fan of The Thousandth Floor. I feel like there were too many POVs to keep track of, and I wasn’t emotionally invested in any of the characters at all. Too many elements of this book fell flat. My first DNF.

Jane Steele: I’ll admit that Jane Eyre is one of my least favorite books, so I was a little hesistant to pick up Jane Steele. But oh boy. This book is as different Jane Eyre as possible. There’s murder, adventure, and an oh-so-riveting analysis of morality and why we make the choices we do. I LOVED this book.

Fear the Drowning Deep: I’m a huge fan of anything with folk tales and water, so of course FTDD was on my radar. And it did NOT disappoint. Sarah Glenn Marsh’s voice is spellbinding. Bridey was such an interesting character, but my favorite parts were the moments just before something turned her world upside down again. The pacing was brilliant and FULL of anticipation.


Wintersong: The first sentence of the summary had me hooked. Beware the goblin men and the wares they sell. Can I call that intriguing or what? One of my favorite elements in books is bargaining with fey, and this is one intense bargain. Liesl, the MC, trades her hand in marriage for her sister’s return to the human world. Also, the cover is GORGEOUS.

Tash Hearts Tolstoy: One of the main reasons I’m super excited for this book is because the main character is ASEXUAL. LIKE ME. I’ve never read a book with an ace character before, because there are so few of them. I can’t wait. And the fact that it combines two things I love (classics and YouTube series) is a plus too 🙂

27 Hours: This is easily my most anticipated read of 2017. IT’S QUEER TEENS IN SPACE GOING TO SAVE THEIR WORLDS. I can’t wait. And you know, ar0-ace rep. I cried when Tristina Wright tweeted a snippet because it was amazing to see myself on the page. And her writing voice immediately caught my attention. It’s so pretty. So good. So so wonderful. (Also, 27 Hours is up for preorder right now.)

What have you read that you loved or didn’t like so much? What are you reading now? What books do I *need* to add to my TBR for 2017?


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