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How to Interview Pt. 2, ft. Nori!

Part Two of How to Interview is a guest post from the fabulous Nori!

Hello there everyone! First of all, thank you so much to Kaelyn for allowing me to guest post on her blog! My name is Nori and I’m the blogger at www.ReadWriteLove28.com. You might also know me as the poodle on Twitter @ReadWriteLove28. 🙂

Today I’ll be talking about how to ask authors for an interview!

I have a unique approach when approaching authors. You see, there are three ways you can contact an author.

  1. Contact form/email on website
  2. Email their publisher/publicist
  3. Ask them on Twitter

One of these three things seems different than the others…and that’s the one that I always start with! Yes, I always start with Twitter.


The great thing about Twitter is that it’s a casual way to talk to people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger and they’re an author- the likelihood of them responding to a tweet is pretty high!

So, the first thing I do is check their tweets. Do they often interact with bloggers? When was the last time that they tweeted? Do they follow me? Are their DMs open?

I treat these questions as checkpoints to determine what to do next. If they follow me, then I’ll generally send them a quick DM asking them if they’d like to be interviewed for my blog. I always make sure explain to them why I’m asking them to be interviewed.

Here’s an example format for a DM:

“Hey NAME ! I was wondering if I could interview you for my blog.

INSERT LINE HERE ABOUT WHY YOU WANT TO INTERVIEW THEM. If you’re interested, I’d love to send you an email with more details! Thanks so much for your consideration! :)”

It’s tricky- you need to give them enough information to get them interested, but at the same time, you shouldn’t overwhelm them by giving them all of the details in the DM. That’s what emails are for!

Hopefully, they say yes, and then give you their email. After that, you should immediately send a follow up email with the following information:

  1. Your name/ blog link
  2. When you need their response by
  3. When you want to post the interview (give them a couple of date options)
  4. Thank you!

I always confirm dates with authors before sending them the interview questions. Of course, this is something that’s up to the individual. I know that some people like to include the interview questions in their original email, so do what you think is best!

If they don’t follow me and their DMs aren’t open, I generally send off a quick tweet saying:

“Hey! I’d love to interview you. Could I have your email so I can send you details?”

I then send them the same email as above, except this time, I make sure to have a longer introduction, plus include the reason why I want to interview them. Basically, I combine the information from the DM + the email that I previously mentioned.


If the author that you’d like to interview doesn’t seem like the ideal candidate to ask on Twitter, I highly recommend going to their website and clicking their contact page. Often times, they will have a list of emails that you can use to contact them. Make sure that you read their website carefully, because each author’s policy re emails is different.

Some ask that all promotional post/interview inquiries are sent directly to their publicist/publisher, while others ask for the request to be sent to them, and then they’ll either respond or forward it to the correct person.

Make sure that your email has substance- I would write up one intro paragraph, one paragraph describing the purpose behind the interview, and a closing line or two- as a minimum. If you’re working on a short timeline, make sure to include that in your email and subject line.

Once you send off the email, you’re ready to begin The Waiting Game. It’s a time filled with anxiety, anticipation, and regret. It’s a time where you’ll think back to the email and wish that you rephrased something because now you think it sounds awkward.

Guess what? It’s okay. We’ve all been there. Just remember- authors know that bloggers are human, and it’s okay to make mistakes or a typo every now and then. Plus, author (and publicist emails especially) get TONS of emails everyday. They aren’t able to respond to everyone ASAP, and that’s okay.

Don’t expect to get a response immediately. Is it possible? Yes, absolutely. But is it probable? No, definitely not.

If you don’t get a response in a couple of weeks, I would suggest either

  1. Sending a tweet saying “Hey! I sent you an email but I’m not sure if you received it.”
  2. Sending a follow up email.

Both ways work- just make sure that you don’t sound too pushy, because no one likes that 😛

Now, please remember this. Everything I said here is just my opinion. It’s up to YOU to figure out what style works best for you! If you don’t feel comfortable with Twitter, try emailing! If you don’t like emailing, try Twitter first! And if you don’t like either options- be creative. I’m sure that you can figure out a way that works well for you.

I’m going to end with this-

It’s ALWAYS worth it to ask for an interview. Even if you think it’s a long shot, it’s always worth it! You never know what can happen unless you try.

Thanks again for inviting me to your blog, Kaelyn!

And thank YOU, Nori, for a wonderful post! 



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