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June is HERE

June is FINALLY here. May was sparse, blogging-wise, but June is the time to get back on my laptop and write like the wind.

Some cool things coming up in June:

Book Releases!

June 7

my lady jane

ivory and bone

June 14


June 28

and i darken

On the Blog

The “How to Interview Anyone” series continues!

Book recommendations that I *will* shove in your face + reviews

Random posts about who knows what


Someone please help me. I can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy.Greys-Anatomy-on-Netflix

And the lovely Chelsea Cameron introduced me to this amazing show


Let June be known as FANDOM MONTH.



4 thoughts on “June is HERE

  1. OMG GIRL! I was searching for your old url for the LONGEST TIME until I checked this one out on your twitter bio. I love the new name! ❤

    But Grey's Anatomy LOL – my dad has watched all 12 seasons and I just can't deal with the drama 😛 He really likes it though! I'm glad June is finally here too!

    Liked by 1 person

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