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*cracks knuckles*

*sits down to keyboard*

Can you believe April is over already?

…can you believe I’ve been blogging for FOUR MONTHS?

Because I can’t. According to standard blogging time, I’m in the toddler blogging stage. No longer a baby blogger, but not quite an *expert.* It’s been a rollercoaster four months, between changing the blog name, trying (and failing, lol) to schedule posts, and getting to know more of the blogging community. We’re one big, cuddly community simultaneously dying from book feels. Thank you, friends, for helping kill my feels. (Particularly in this tumblr post from Em at Piplup’s Shadowy Books, for you Throne of Glass fans)

Along the way, I’ve met SO MANY wonderful bloggers and authors. My heart is spilling with love and gratitude for Nori, Aila, Kit Cat, my fabulous nerdsister Ranu, Cait, Ava, Wren, and countless others. *heart pumps sparkles* Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting this baby blogger as she stumbled her way out of BlogSpot into WordPress, Twitter chats, and an AMAZING community. *all the heart emojis*

Unfortunately, posts are going to be scarce throughout May because it’s the time of year known as the Testing. Not all students are going to survive, if any are left and haven’t been in a zombified state since the beginning of the school year. Between the AP European History exam, End-of-Course exams (state mandated tests that are longer than necessary), and regular finals, I’ll be off the blog for a while. Including on a reading ban until May 25th, 2:20 EST. Hopefully I’ll be able to write up some posts on the weekends, especially part two of How to Interview Anyone, but no promises.

Back to the good news: May has so much to offer, OMG. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me flailing about Outrun the Moon once, twice, or a half-million times. (Go preorder now and check out Nori’s cool giveaway.) OTM comes out MAY 24th, and you can bet I’ll have a mental countdown going.

Furthermore, I’ve decided to apply for a summer internship at Donald Maass Literary Agency. Working in publishing is my DREAM, so this could be one more step towards making those dreams reality. *fingers crossed* Writing a resume is a lot harder than it looks, but that’s not going to stop me.

That’s all the news for now. A HUGE thank-you to everyone in the blogging community, especially you, readers. May the next few months be even more fabulous than the last four. *hugs the Internet*

What are you looking forward to most in May?


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7 thoughts on “MAYDAY MAYDAY

  1. Yay. so happy for you! I hope there will be many more months — and years!! — to come. Blogging definitely has its ups and downs but personally, I think it will be worth it in the end when you’ve found your niche. Good luck for your tests!!! <33

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  2. I still feel like a baby blogger and I’ve been blogging for one and a half years now :-D… But I have to agree, the book community is awesome and I love to be part of it :-)! Good luck for your tests!


  3. Okay first of all,


    Also, best of luck at your internship!! Omg it sounds so fun and exciting!

    Isn't it exciting to get through so many months of blogging? Now I can't wait for the big blogoversary hehe. 😀


    1. Ahhhh I can’t wait for my first blogoversary! Also you are the sweetest and deserve all the love the world can give ❤ I haven't heard back from the publisher yet about the internship but my fingers are crossed.


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