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In Which I Go To A Book Signing

On Tuesday last week, I went to my first signing ever at Joseph Beth Booksellers to see


gwenda bond banner

julie kagawa banner.jpg


victoria schwab banner

*commence fangirling*



The signing was AMAZING. During the hour drive down to Lexington, I was a bundle of nerves wrapped in excitement. It’s not everyday you get to meet some of your favorite authors.

First of all: Joseph Beth Booksellers is the LARGEST bookstore I’ve EVER been to. There are two floors full of shelves upon shelves of books, plus a café and some super stylish glass doors. The YA section is HUGE. I LOVE IT. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back some time.

There wasn’t a huge crowd, probably because it was a school night, but enough people came to make it feel  cozy. Gwenda, Victoria, and Julie are HILARIOUS. They got shushed by a book club earlier that night, which is its own kind of funny.

After asking and answering questions of their own, Victoria opened up the floor for readers to ask questions and there was that slightly awkward moment where no one wants to be the first to say something but oh gosh it’s getting even more awkward. Christopher Rowe, Gwenda’s husband, broke the ice and everyone started loosening up.

And then, swallowing my nerves, I raised my hand and after a moment of shock (Victoria Schwab called on me. Me.), I asked the first question that came to mind.

“What’s your favorite icecream flavor?”

I could’ve died of embarrassment. That was the question I asked? But they answered. Gwenda likes Superman icecream, Victoria likes chocolate fudge, and Julie likes ALL THE FLAVORS. But they answered and then Victoria asked me what my favorite icecream flavor was. (Neopolitan, fyi.) That was when I realized: authors are human too.

Victoria answered a question later about how when she was growing up, the authors didn’t seem human. They weren’t people you could interact with and see, more like names slapped on a cover just for the heck of it. But now, in the digital age, authors are human and can interact with their fans. That really hit home for me, because wasn’t that what we were doing now?

And then, when I finally approached the table, I got another surprise.

“You’re Kaelyn, from Twitter!”

BEST FEELING IN THE UNIVERSE. This amazing person knew who I was and remembered me from a few conversations on Twitter. It was a surreal feeling, and meeting Gwenda, Victoria, and Julie is so far the best night of my life. They gave some amazing writing advice (I took notes) and general life advice. Meeting all three of them motivated me to continue to write and pursue my dream of being an editor in a publishing house.

JB signing 2.jpg
Gwenda Bond, me, Victoria Schwab, and Julie Kagawa at Joseph Beth Booksellers







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