friday fiction

Next Friday

Hi guys!

I’d recently planned on making Friday Fiction a thing, where every Friday I’d post something I wrote, either from a flash fiction challenge or something else. This week’s been hard, though, so next Friday there will be a fiction.

I’ll admit: I don’t know what in the world I’m doing with a blog or how other bloggers handle school, jobs, the rest of their awesome lives, AND a blog. It’s hard. I like it, but it’s hard. But I won’t leave you without words today, so here’s a personal update.

A friend recently persuaded me to read Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel. Now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the City of Bones books, so I was skeptical. But this book is NOT what I expected. Definitely better than I thought it would be. She’s not getting her book back, I’m afraid. #sorrynotsorry

My WIP has been doing well, a couple hundred words at a time. The best days are when I come home emotionally exhausted and just want to write, and there my Top Secret Drafty Thing is, waiting for my on my laptop like the pet I always wanted to have.

I’m not doing so great under no sleep, little food in the house, and feeling sad a lot of the time. There are good days and there are bad days. The key is finding a way to keep the good days from sliding into the bad ones and turn the bad days into better ones. Still working on that.

My friend also showed me a song that I’ve been jamming to for pretty much the entire week. It’s so beautiful, simple, and calming. Snowfall by Ingrid Michaelson

So that’s been my week. Emotionally turbulent. Physically exhausting.

I’m so ready for the weekend–ice skating, blankets, and books. What about you? What were some good things that happened? Any cool weekend plans?




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