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Writing is a huge part of my 2016 so far, not only with the blog but with a Top Secret Drafty Thing that popped up around January 2nd.

Last year, I participated in NaNoWriMo with what I thought was an uber cool idea that I’d wanted to write. I plotted madly then wrote like a fiend. But around Day 10, I was starting to lose steam. This wasn’t what I wanted to write, afterall. But I wanted to win at NaNo, to reach those 50k and look in wonder at what I’d written. Maybe I’d like it closer to the end, I thought. Sprints helped, but I’d get sidetracked with the prompt instead of working.

In December, I trashed the 50k; it wasn’t right for me.

But in January I had another idea, one more comfortable and a lot more surprising. A Middle Grade idea. As someone who thought she wanted to be a YA writer, this was something I struggled to come to terms with. Until I read some more Diana Wynne Jones.

She was a GODDESS of writing, up there or even better than Roald Dahl. Her books are life-changers and as I began to explore more MG, I realized: yeah, this is what I’m comfortable writing. This is where I want to be. And I’m SUPER excited about this WIP (work-in-progress)!

My writing goals for 2016 are:

-To write when it is healthy for me to write.

This was a problem for me last November, what with school AND NaNo taking up a majority of my time. I’d be up at 11 pm (not incredibly late for some folks but I need 12bajillion hours of sleep and I get up at 5 AM) writing away, telling myself “only a hundred more words!” My mom would have to kick me off the computer and then I wouldn’t sleep, too wired from writing to shut my eyes. Then I’d be an actual zombie at school and fall into a cycle of this, letting homework fall to the side in favor of a shiny draft.

-To buy more sparkly star stickers

If you’ve seen Victoria Schwab’s vlog, you’ll know she has a calendar system for writing and life. For every x number of words, she gives herself a star sticker on the calendar. I tried it for November and December last year and whoa. This is a system I can get behind. It’s so, so satisfying to see a sticker or two on the calendar and it’s a nice way to see what I’ve achieved in a month.

Here’s January:



That’s it for my writing goals this year. What are some of your writing goals? Have any WIPs you’re excited about?



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