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Why Do We Love Villains So Much?

This is an AWESOME blog post from Bookishness and Tea, and I didn’t know what the “press” button on WordPress did, so here we are! Definitely visit her blog and check out her other cool posts!

Bookishness and Tea

Why Do We Love Villains So Much?

We, as in the book community, seem to have a love for villains (usually the young, attractive, male variety, but not always).Villains are really what make a book enjoyable, in my opinion. I love reading about a complex villain, who has motives going against the main character’s. WHY do they want to do this? A story without a villain would just be BORING. The hero would easily reach their goal, and who cares about a story without any obstacles? A good, interestingantagonistopposing a strong protagonist makes a book perfect.

What makes us likethe evil characters in the books, the ones we are supposed to hate but sometimes end up secretly rooting for?

  • They are on the other side of the love triangle.

This is the reason I think of first while thinking about this topic. The other male in the love triangle is…

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2 thoughts on “Why Do We Love Villains So Much?

    1. Hi Jess! I’ve got to clarify–I didn’t write this post. It’s from Bookishness and Tea, and AMAZING blog you should totally check out. I saw the “Press” button on WordPress and didn’t know what it did; apparently it’s like the reblog button on Tumblr. Definitely go check out the original post on Bookishness and Tea–she’s got a BUNCH of awesome posts over there.

      As for villains, I LOVE the ones who make you question what a villain exactly is, like Victor Vale from Vicious (Victoria Schwab). Or the ones that are cunningly dangerous, the ones that keep people on their toes


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