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All the Bloglovin’

Guess who just signed up for Bloglovin’? THIS GIRL! *insert party hands emoji*

I’d heard a bunch of bloggers on Twitter mention it, but I had NO IDEA what it was until my Nerdsister, Ranu, asked me if I had a feed for my blog. After a bit of stealth Googling, checking my email ten billion times, and mildly panicking as I tried to claim my blog, I did it!

I am ready for all the Bloglovin’.

So uh…here I am!





One thought on “All the Bloglovin’

  1. Haha claiming my blog was so stressful for me! Glad you’ve jumped onto the Bloglovin’ bandwagon though – I use it so often just because its so easy to just catch up on all the blogs I love! 🙂


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